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The Riverside Project

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Transforming the Foster Care System in Houston


We can make Houston a place where families heal and children thrive.

About Us

The Riverside Project is a collaborative network of agencies, congregations, nonprofits, school districts, and passionate individuals working together to transform the foster care system in Houston.

Foster care is not an isolated problem. The various systemic issues affecting children and families are interconnected (issues such as poverty, homelessness, addiction, incarceration, human trafficking, etc.). Thus, to create real, lasting change, we must address these issues from all sides. When we work together – each with our own unique focus, skills, and expertise – we can begin to build a better future for every family in our community.

Find Your Place

What is the River?

We exist to see every child in a loving and stable home. Houston’s overwhelmed foster care system is a massive problem, but it’s not the only problem to solve in pursuit of this goal. Holistic problems must be addressed holistically. And because none of us can do it all on our own, we have to work together- as a community fiercely committed to strengthening children and families.

Houston Is Huge

Learn more about your community

The Houston area is sprawling and diverse, and the needs of children and families vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. In response, we have divided Harris County (and surrounding counties) into smaller geographic areas. We use zip-code-specific child welfare data to assess the need in each area, and we tailor our collaborative efforts accordingly.

Our Strategy


Often, people want to get involved, but they’re not sure how. We provide training, tools, and resources to equip ordinary Houstonians to solve our city’s most complex problems.


It takes a village to raise a child. We connect vulnerable children and families to the resources and community support they need to stabilize, heal, and flourish.


The river is cyclical, but strategic intervention can break the cycle. When vulnerable families begin to stabilize and flourish, future generations are given the opportunity to thrive.

Ways to Serve

Whether you’re an agency, nonprofit, congregation, business, or passionate individual, there is a place for you to serve along the river. We want to help you find that place, and we want to give you the tools you need to serve your community effectively.

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Identify & Support

Serve vulnerable families in your neighborhood through the Response Network.
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Effectively Mobilize

Receive training and tools that will equip you to serve families more effectively.
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Join a neighborhood collaborative in your area to maximize your impact!

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