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The Riverside Project


The Houston community has what it takes to address the root causes of the foster care crisis. When we work together, each with our own unique skills and resources, we can build a better future for every family in our community. Join the Riverside Project by contributing a one-time or monthly gift.

Featured Program

The Response Network

The Response Network is how we mobilize the community to meet the practical needs of vulnerable families. CPS investigators and caseworkers submit needs through an online form, and our team works to mobilize our network of churches, foster closets, nonprofits, and other community partners to meet those needs, in addition to ongoing support, relationship, and encouragement. Funds raised for this program provide training for community responders as well as tangible items/services that help families stabilize.

Suggested Monthly Donations

Invest in a Group Home

Hundreds of children in Houston are living in group facilities, and they’re often overlooked. Help us advocate for their needs and offer hope for a brighter future. 

$40 = trauma-informed training for a group home staff member

Support a Foster Family

It takes a village to raise a child, and every foster parent needs support. Sponsor the training of babysitters to ensure every foster family in Houston gets the rest they need. 

$50 = training for one babysitter

Train a Professional

Trauma that happens in relationship must be healed in relationship. We provide semi-annual Trust-Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI) for professionals who care for kids from hard places. 

$200 = 15 hours of training for a professional

Free T-shirt for Monthly Donors!

Set up a recurring donation of $25 or more, and we will send you our “Things that matter are hard” t-shirt!

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